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Built With Families In Mind

As parents we know that the most valuable resource is time. Our hope is that at the Great Escape you will be able to have some time to yourself and relax – to read, talk to your friends, work or study – without being away from your children. This is where FAMILIES gather! See our Calendar for upcoming events!

100% Organic & Fair Trade Coffee

We are proud to support environmental responsibility and peaceful social change pioneered by Dean’s Beans! Every cup of delicious coffee is crafted with good karma: try seasonal specials or experiment and make your own! Keep track of our events and join us for coffee/tea tastings to try the latest blend offerings!

Beautiful Playground

Our Indoor playground is offers various fun activity centers, age appropriate books and puzzles and a bright custom built jungle gym. We believe in creative play, where physical and intellectual activities are balanced. Children are encouraged to explore and play, while mom and dad are just few steps away!

Celebrate Your Birthdays Here!

Voted Best Birthday Party Venue by Landmark Readers! We are excited to be part of celebrating your milestones! Whether it’s a FUNtastic Birthday or Mini Party or good old Grand Theme Party, we will make it a birthday to remember, so you can relax and socialize with your guests! Learn more about our parties.

There is no such thing as a perfect parent, so just be a real one. 

S. Atkins

Things to Know about Us

  • All play equipment and toys are regularly cleaned with non-toxic supplies. We rotate and bring new activity centers all the time!
  • There is no limit on Playtime! We believe that you know your child’s need for play better than anyone else. Come for 45 minutes or stay 3 hours, as long as everyone is having a ball!
  • We support local communities and organizations! Please contact us if you are preparing a community outreach event or need help promoting a positive and charitable effort!